Trudy and the Romance – Nightshift Magazine – May 2017

Trudy and the Romance – Saturday 15th April – The Cellar

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As Victor Frankenstein hacked the lifeless limbs and extremities off countless corpses, both human and mammalian, he must have at one stage thought “Yes, I can do this… but should I?” Although theoretically very possible, does that necessitate the plan being brought to fruition? We can attach laminate flooring to aardvarks and give wild foliage moustaches but is there any intrinsic value in doing so? Trudy and the Romance may perhaps have had the very same conversation, their coarsely sewn together creature comprising of the brain of bebop, limbs of alt rock and torso of a postmodern barber shop quartet.

The answer at present is a unanimous maybe. At times, Trudy truly make this unholy union sing like the most beauteous of fat and sexless castrato’s and you feel they have absolutely found a niche that is well worth a full cavity search. The rapid pace of their music allows their multi genre methodology to breathe and the audience is carried along for the ride in a throng of tasteful arpeggios and rigid rhythm section work. The untamed, abrasive nature of lead man Oliver Taylor’s delivery adds to the frenetic energy the band create and the evenings entertainment has a lilt and a swing to it which keeps things ticking over momentum wise.

However their harmonies, a vital component of such a style, are painfully unskilfully sung, feeling more like the Millwall terraces attempting an a cappella version of Moon River than anything authentically musical. The ability to nail these without sounding like a drunk and disorientated sperm whale will be the bands make or break from a live performance perspective.

All in all there’s a hell of a lot to be positive about and one can only hope that Trudy and the Romance continue along their obscure and unfamiliar pathway as it is very much worth exploring. Perhaps though, at preset, time in the practice room should outweigh time on the road for fear of this band going the way of most romances and ending with an incoherent tangle of hopes, dreams and a total loss of identity.

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