The Moonlandingz – Oxford Times 27/4/17

The Moonlandingz – 19th April – The Bullingdon

All too often we see bands amble on to stage, apologetically pick up instruments and, after thanking their audience for its presence, begin a deliberate and rational musical performance. Then we have The Moonlandingz who do things just a little differently. Chaotically spilling onto the rostrum, face painted and body cling-filmed with alcohol at the ready, comes Lias Saoudi, of Fat White Family, and his fellow droogs which make up The Moonlandingz. After such an introduction you just know, at the very least, it’ll be a memorable night. Some months ago The Moonlandingz just appeared out of nowhere, immediately assuming cult status with their debut album, Interplanetary Class Classics, which is as intoxicating and unpredictable as their front mans antics in a sticky and sweltering Bullingdon.

It’s certainly music that is designed to be played live, such is the torrent of noise the band are capable of producing. Theatrical low end synthesiser riffs sit under a foray of squeaks, bumps and baying vocal lines as the unshakable momentum seems to accelerate throughout the opening tracks. It knows nothing of subtly, has no interest in accuracy but instead concerns itself primarily with attacking each and every beat of each and every bar with aggression and animosity.

The crazed and ever more frantic escapades of Saoudi and his authoritarian repetition of lyrics feels somewhat like the audience have been transported to some sort of post apocalyptic, subterranean rally where mental stability is now a frowned on commodity. And never were such antics more necessary given the infectious exuberance of the music The Moonlandingz create.

At times there was admittedly a palpable feeling of being overly bludgeoned, like a punch drunk prize fighter pushed against the ropes, by the sheer savagery of proceedings, The Moonlandingz having absolutely no concept of a handbrake, first, second or third gear.

Live music has rarely been so provocative, unrestrained and compelling this year in Oxford and The Moonlandingz have every right to be considered one of the most vibrant live acts currently doing the rounds. In a daring and deranged forty five minutes of extravagant showmanship and thumping brutality, they won the hearts, minds and gall bladders of an entire audience and left their entrails for all to see and their reputation at a mythical level.


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