The Moonlandingz – Interplanetary Class Classics – OMS Magazine 30th Issue

The Moonlandingz – Interplanetary Class Classics – Chimera Musc

Labelled by some, rather overly zealously, as a supergroup, a theatrical illusion by others and just a private joke that got out of hand by the band themselves, The Moonlandingz came from nowhere to release certainly one of the most sensational records of the year so far, their glamrock infused, synthesiser heavy compositions catching the imagination of just about everyone in their path. Add a controversial and debauched live show and we’ve got ourselves a journalistic utopia which has led to much dedication on column pages and fanzines alike.

The Moonlandingz bold as brass approach can’t help but pull its audience kicking and screaming through the opening few tracks of the album, the swagger, pulse and sheer arrogance of their music creates a seemingly endless crescendo of momentum and bravado. This is certainly enough to remain buoyant for the first half of the record and the impetus and driving nature of Interplanetary Class Classics keeps attention intact and appreciation prevalent. Of course, when ambushed with bold and blustering concepts, they at first seems infallible, then overly confident and finally somewhat tedious and this is certainly the evolutionary thought process the album emanates. With all the subtlety of a stampede of disenfranchised elephants, the record starts to feel a little like being bludgeoned by a crazed, mental patient who’s been off his anti psychotics for one too many days. And not in a good way.

In terms of instant gratification, Interplanetary Class Classics is perfectly showy and brazen enough to remain semi coherent for large parts. It is unfortunately one of those albums that seem to depreciate a little with every listen and once the songwriting formula The Moonlandingz stick to is realised, the music becomes somewhat played and innocuous. As a result the confrontational essence of their music is paradoxically reverted to something quite bland and inoffensive.


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