The Amazons – The Amazons – OMS Magazine 31st Issue

The Amazons – The Amazons
A lot like the rainforest, The Amazons are a band that appear so pragmatically purged by modern consumerism that all that is left is totemic tree stumps and nondescript beige pulp. If there was a level of originality or distinction, all is now lost in cliched choruses and unimaginative ideology. Their debut album fits a profitable demographic, serving up the 14 to 18 year olds something to wince about when they reach maturity. It bounces along with all the enthusiasm of a fluffy puppy, tail wagging and tongue lolling but totally unaware of its own existence and lacking any coherent consciousness.
There are at times chinks of a band that are perhaps still just a little inexperienced and not ready to take the risks necessary to be an act of any merit, but these are few and far apart in an album which has a distinctly mechanically reclaimed feel to it. There just isn’t a soul to The Amazons work to date, it knows nothing of subtlety or nuance, tells us nothing about how the Amazons feel, what they believe or where they are going. With youth on their side, we can only hope they learn from their naivety and move on from such an overplayed and overused viewpoint.
2 / 5

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