Ulrika Spacek – Modern English Decoration – OMS Magazine 31st Issue

Ulrika Spacek – Modern English Decoration

In the current reawakening of psychedelia, Ulrika Spacek are certainly climbing their way to the top of this particularly unconventional pole like a swarm of distopian robots invading a governmental intelligence headquarters. Their propensity for hypnotic, droning compositions, beginning with simplistic concepts and bending to the point of fragmentation, has made them a notoriously awe-inspiring live act and after a solid and consistent debut, Modern English Decoration is seen by many as the album which will galvanise their automated and abstract armour.

It is another brave and confrontational album, the band refusing in any way to conform as regards song structure or narrative and for that alone, it is to be admired. There is certainly a Spacek sound which is undeniably theirs and it’s captivating and courageous enough to last for an album or two, the band surviving bountifully on the strange paradox of having constant repetition but no hooks. Anyone looking for progression in musical theory may be somewhat disappointed, Spacek at present still sticking unashamedly to a style and ethos which has got them this far and as the album progresses it does begin to plod, the uniformed tempos and lack of malleability becoming a little like stirring a bucket of increasingly firming concrete. Fans of Ulrika Spacek are sure to adore more of the same but Modern English Decoration will do little to bring new faces into their mesmeric cult.

3 / 5

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