Keir – Oxford Times – 6/7/17

Keir – The Cellar – 22nd June 2017

With last year’s sudden diminishing stock of front men and lead singers, the question naturally arises as to where we are to find the next generation of egocentric, self indulgent genius that popular music so desperately needs. Michaels, Bowies and Princes are such vital figureheads of our music, creating a narrative and a focal point, and it’s often charisma above compositions which makes truly iconic music. In terms of pretenders to the throne, look no further than Keir, who has a voice matched only in power by his onstage presence and is beginning to make serious inroads into the industry. The release of his debut single Probably and a memorable performance at Glastonbury’s Introducing Stage are the fruits of Keir’s labours thus far but with such unbridled talent, there is the palpable feeling that this boy could certainly go all the way.

Everything abut Keir’s performance in the hot and dingily lit surroundings of Oxford’s The Cellar has a grandeur and majesty to it which betrays its surroundings, Keir appearing larger than the room itself and his vocal range is truly a thing of unthinkable depth. Flirting with cabaret and borderline evangelical, Keir pumps fists and passion into the air with every syllable of his haunting and mesmeric music, his voice having the ability to effortlessly cascade through the octaves in an operatic flurry of nuanced notes. Sometimes crouching, occasionally strutting but always captivating, Keir just appears to have that thing which all stars possess, an ability to demand attention and remain the centrepiece for the entire performance.

There are moments when Keir still appears to be finding his feet somewhat, an unnecessary modesty at his own abilities is prevalent throughout, but his performance is so delightfully strong vocally that at times one does forget that Keir is an artist still rubbing his eyes somewhat after a hasty decent down the rabbit hole.

There are often bands and collectives which appear to be on the right line musically but rarely an individual talent which has the ability to enthral and enchant an audience as competently and masterfully as Keir. Although still in the infancy of his career, you can’t help but feel the sky truly is the limit for such a natural and accomplished performer.


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