Iron & Wine – Beast Epic – OMS 32nd Edition

Iron & Wine, or Sam Beam to friends, has proven himself throughout his compelling career as a sound musician, well-versed in playing multiple instruments and a creator of wistful compositions filled with pathos and nostalgia. His musical identity has not altered since his arrival on the scene at around the turn of the century, sticking unashamedly to his particularly desolate brand of Americana and as his popularity resurges, it appears his career seems to ebb and meander almost as much as his technical but inconsistent body of work.

Thankfully with Beast Epic it feels like Beam has re-found the motivation and individualism that the previous few records had been lacking and, but for a few stagnant compositions towards the tail end, Beam’s most recent offering is a real joy to experience, in a quiet and modest kind of way. Tracks such as Call It Dreaming and Bitter Truth showcase a musician who can impress even with the most stripped back and simplistic of song structure and arrangement and because of this Iron & Wine continues to impress as wonderfully idiosyncratic music.

3 / 5

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