Beck – Colors – OMS 33rd Edition

Beck – Colors
Being one of the co-founders of quirky, eccentric indie means you are more than equipped and indeed authorised to play around with the narrative and language of your music. For 20+ years, Beck has been making a living doing just this, creating a plethora of good, bad and distinctly ugly music in a Bowiean flutter of costume and key change. His new record Colors is again something we haven’t seen from our unreliable narrator, an unashamed pop record that will undoubtedly divide audiences.
There’s something ever so slightly arrogant about the approach, as if Beck feels he can move into other peoples workspace and create with little or no difficulty. As well as this Colors is laden with quiveringly cringeworthy cliche, track titles such as Wow, I’m So Free and Up All Night will give a little indication of the vapid nothingness that is the lyrical content. It desperately wants to be Grimes or Jamie XX (in colour) but unfortunately Colors sounds far more like a middle aged man, tinkering with garage band in his shed, writing music that he assumes will be down with the kids.
2 / 5

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