DVSN – Morning After – OMS 33rd Edition

DVSN – Morning After

No one genre has reinvented itself more in previous years than that of R&B. The memories of immaculately sculpted facial hair, finger clicks to slow, cherished beats and agonising clenched fists are still all too prevalent when the genre is referred to. However, its revival has spearheaded a new breed of R&B artist and a more postmodern approach to a sometimes played and uninspired genre. DVSN are one of these such pioneers and their debut Sept. 5th was an album that replenished the R&B stock, its effortless sensuality making it a truly stand out record.

Morning After doesn’t quite have the lush and indulgent capabilities of their debut but is a thoughtful and well observed piece of work, the duo’s lyrical content again is remarkably relevant and the beats and loops are as luxurious and intoxicating as ever. It just doesn’t quite have the quick wit or snap of Sept. 5th and the record is the worse for it. Too many tracks are tepid at best and overall it feels a little too buttery and perennially lacking in edge.

3 / 5

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