St. Vincent – MASSEDUCATION – OMS 33rd Edition


Having cut her teeth in The Polyphonic Spree and touring with Sufjan Stevens, St. Vincent or Annie Clark, has a musical pedigree which effortlessly translates into her outlandish and unconventional guitar and synth calypsos. For many, and by many I mean me, Strange Mercy back in 2011 is the album that galvanised her as a spirited and resourceful solo artist, having a canny knack of weaving unconventional musical textures into beautifully erudite and nuanced electro pop.

MASSEDUCATION continues another of St. Vincent themes, scrutinising the role of feminism in twenty-first century America and examining preconceptions cast on modern day woman – albeit in a jovial and flippant manner. The record in general is a bit dull however, the kitsch but infectious tones of Strange Mercy are replaced by throbbing bass hooks and electronic bleats and it’s undynamic and atonal approach begins to feel like the musical equivalent of a journey on a slow train through an industrial estate. There are splashes of creativity, Fear The Future is a standout track, but overall it’s a less captivating and charismatic record than any of her previous releases.

2.5 / 5

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