Jaguwar – Ringthing – OMS Magazine 34th Edition

Jaguwar – Ringthing

It seems somehow bizarre that we should be talking about a Jaguwar debut album in 2018, given the bands explosion onto the scene some years ago. However, after a number of EP’s which showcase the creativity of this eccentric, Berlin based three piece, their full length album has finally dropped into consciousness, the heart of Wild Nothing, brain of Lower Dens and the appendages of DIIV making up this most magisterial monster.

It’s an album full of ideas, Jaguwar always flirting with their influences but never allowing the record to become a pastiche, and the guitar sound is truly a thing of upmost beauty, having the ability to be domineering but in a most deferential manner. There’s a pulsating heartbeat throughout but the band excels when, on tracks such as Gone, they strip back the tempo and allow more sensitive and fragile sensibilities to develop. Ringthing certainly has enough body and soul to challenge ardent fans while exciting those new to their work and for that alone, it’s a resounding success.

3.5 / 5

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