Camp Cope – How to Socialise and Make Friends – OMS Issue 35

Camp Cope seemed a refreshingly authentic gust of apathy when they broke in 2016 with an impressive self titled record. With lyrical content reflecting the lows and even lowers of isolation and dead end jobs, Australian’s Camp Cope have the feel of a Silverchair for the 21st Century, their work simplistic yet deeply engrossing. With a flurry of creative negativity spewing from Georgia MacDonald throughout Camp Cope’s work, a new voice in a world of tired cliches is always revitalising.

How To Socialise and Make Friends is not a title in any way steeped in metaphor, the album addressing full frontal social indifference at every corner but not in an overly indulgent or tired manner. There’s not a great deal on this secondary album we didn’t already know about Camp Cope bar more insightful observations about our seemingly predisposed cascades into chaos, but its easily nourishing enough to keep interest peaked in a band who seem at times dangerously honest and heartbreakingly burdened with oversensitivity.

3.5 / 5

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