Editors – Violence – OMS Issue 35

With a career spanning a decade and a half, Editors, armed with post brit-pop melancholia, came shuffling on to the scene at a time when British music was moving in a vastly different direction. Having clearly read repeatedly “Interpol for dummies” the Birmingham based four piece released a couple of big single leaning albums and then disappeared into the fog of a wilderness reserved for underwhelming conservative rock. Little did we all know they were still bobbing under the surface like a message in a bottle deemed too dreary even for Sting to salvage.

Violence is a surprising record, but not for the right reasons. It’s surprising in that, bar a few extra tweaks of electro teats, it sounds exactly the same as everything we’ve already heard from the repertoire of a group who would make the angel of the north look dextrous and malleable. You do wonder who’s still buying into this feeble franchise, the band appear to write the same song over and over, relying on production values to rejuvenate their music as apposed to an elevation in their songwriting process.

2 / 5

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