Frank Turner – Be More Kind – OMS Issue 36

After the split of the iconic Million Dead back in 2005, Frank Turner began his own solo project and since his debut Sleep Is For The Dead way back in 2007, Turner has become a voice of a generation, his confrontational lyrics and punk rock ethos something of a palate cleanser in amongst a sea of skinny jeans, floppy hair and pasty sex.

Be More Kind feels a somewhat paradoxical title given the provocative nature of Turner’s confusion and exasperation with modern day Britain, often his song narratives showing a figure who watches the depravation of society from the sidelines, burdened with the sorrow and pain of the individual as apposed to the collective. The record has a pleasing diversity to it that keeps interest pricked, sometimes flirting with kitsch pop-rock, reminiscent of The Cure’s Close To Me, followed by heartfelt and pathos ridden ballads and into ballsy west coast punk. Indeed Be More Kind truly manifests a celebration of an experienced artist’s multiple influences while still remaining very much Frank.

3.5 / 5

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