Gengahr – Where Wildness Grows – OMS Issue 35

Approaching indie rock through a kaleidoscope of pixie prog and summer day haziness, Gengahr create earthy and colourful tapestries bathed in natural light. Indeed, if one was to administer a fecal transplant to the cast of Animals of Farthing Wood, the musical timbre of the resultant stool would constitute the general tone of their latest offering Where Wildness Grows.

It is however a record a little without identity, at times it desperately wants to be a Tame Impala record, on other occasions it flirts with jangle and dream pop, so much so that it starts to feel like one of those abstract dreams which begin in relatively normal surroundings and ends with a dragon doing a sudoko on a multi-storey carpark.

There’s plenty to quietly admire though and its another pleasing instalment in for a band who at least try to exist outside the parameters of how an indie rock band should sound. There are however plenty out there who do it better.

3 / 5

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