Jon Hopkins – Singularity – OMS Issue 36

Hopkins hovered quietly into focus in 2013 with the release of his Mercury nominated masterpiece Immunity which to date is one of the most daring, captivating and dissident pieces of work in the IDM back catalogues. After a few motion picture soundtracks and a remastered previous record, Singularity is his first release of original material since his breakthrough LP.

The five year hiatus has seemingly only allowed Hopkins to further hone and sharpen his textured and vibrant work. In Singularity the sparseness is ever more isolating, polarised entirely by the wholesome and lavish bass hooks and reverb drenched snare beats. Hopkins has certainly been influenced by fourth world music ideologies, the pentatonic scales of Emerald Rush and synthesised xylophone on COSM both having a faintly oriental flavour to them. But what makes Hopkins a true innovator is his rolling tracks, the rich depth of his rhythm section sitting underneath a wall of technical opulence and Singularity feels like a celebration of life, a mediative gaze at the wonder of our world and is truly a most beauteous and moving piece of work.

4.5 / 5

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