Peace – Kindness is the New Rock and Roll – OMS Issue 36

Arguably a band that have never really delivered on the hype that surrounded Peace as they sprinted onto the scene back in 2012, their recent release attempts to finally cement them as the indie rock tour de force they have coyly been threatening to be. However with the speed of the mainstream current, a lot has happened in six years and you fear if this record doesn’t hit the requisite highs, it could signal a quiet slip into darkness for a band who have used up eight lives of their musical career.

Unfortunately, like its sickeningly placid album title, it’s an album which lacks any real bite and the title track itself sets the tone for one of the most bland and flat releases of the year. Steeped in lifeless poetry and cliched optimism, Peace have created a bleating and uncertain gelatinous gloop of nondescript pretence, a far cry from the revitalising kick up the jacksie they so desperately need. Such is the lethargy of lyrical content and songwriting aptitude, Kindness is the New Rock and Roll show a band who should be resigned to the backroom of a local pub, such is the tedious and colourless nature of their now dead and buried musical identity.

2 / 5

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