Plan B – Heaven Before All Hell Breaks Loose – OMS Issue 36

Since his emergence in 2006, Plan B has become known for his ability to merge and melt genres into palpable and digestible pop music while still indulging his penchant for warring lyricism and an aggressively charged message. Despite being only his fourth LP released in his twelve year career, Plan B, or Ben Drew, has been keeping himself busy as an actor, producer and director but returns to his comfort zone, ready to do battle with all who stand in his way once more.

It’s fair to say that, like a twelve year old blade which has been cutting through corrugated iron for all that time, Plan B has totally lost his edge. The danger of his previous releases and Drew’s street preaching authenticity has all but gone, replaced by flabby lyrics and lazy societal observations. Where as an artist such as Kate Tempest fuels her fire with furious symbolism, Plan B shows us a world that could’ve easily been created by a man who overheard an opinion down the pub and is going with that.

2.5 / 5

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