Superorganism – S/T – OMS Issue 35

Straddling the fence posts between twee pop and arthouse synth-psych sit Superorganism, a genuinely super organism thanks to their seven members of contrasting aesthetics and backgrounds. Their debut record has certainly been well and truly squeezed through the hype mangle to the nth degree as the none too predictable headlines of “the saviours of…” and “the next generation of…” have been out in force to support an interesting collective of musicians and personalities.

And the product, well it’s good enough. The general sentiment, just fine. The resonance, not cloying. It skips along nicely like a trouble free schoolchild, unaware of the complexities of the world outside the playground it hangs unashamedly to the railings of. There’s some moments that show a group with a real burgeoning ambition and appetite for high concept capabilities but on the whole the record plays it safe and feels a little like the stabilisers are still taking most of the weight. Given the viridity and purity of their waters, there’s plenty more room to lose the bathwater.

3.5 / 5

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